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Password Policy

The Password Policy allows admin to define specific requirements for user passwords within the Organizations(Master, Internal and External). By configuring these settings, you can enhance the security of user accounts and ensure the strength of their passwords.

Password Policy Fields

  1. Password Min Length: This field defines the minimum length of the password must have. Users will be required to create passwords with a length equal to or greater than the specified value.

  2. Password Max Length: This field sets the maximum length allowed for passwords. Users will not be able to create passwords greater than the maximum length.

  3. Capital Min Length: This field specifies the minimum number of uppercase letters required in a password. Users will need to include at least one uppercase character.

  4. Number Min Length: This field determines the minimum number of numerical digits required in a password. Users will need to include at least one digit.

  5. Special Symbol Min Length: This field sets the minimum number of special characters required in a password. Users must include at least one special character from the Allowed special symbols list.

  6. Allowed Special Symbols: This field specifies the special symbols that are allowed in passwords. Users can choose from the provided list of special symbols ! , @ , # , $ , % , ^ , & , * when creating their passwords.

This password policy is applied to various scenarios, including the signup process, changing passwords under user accounts, and resetting forgotten passwords. The policy ensures that users follow the specified guidelines when creating and updating their passwords.