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Manage Users

  1. Add Users :

    1. Inviting existing users :

      Click on invite existing user, then prompt will ask for the user email address, who is part of the enterprise. By default, the api-consumer role is assigned.

    2. Inviting new users :

      Click on the invite new user button, here internal/external users are invited for the selected organization.

  2. Delete User :

    Users can be deleted under the action column by clicking on the delete icon, whenever a user is deleted for internal or external organization, users are migrated to the master organization along with their APIs. when deleted from the master organization, users are deleted permanently and transferred their APIs to another user in the organization.

  3. Change roles :

    We can change role of the user under action column by clicking edit icon, from the roles dropdown users role are updated.

  4. Disable/Enable User :

    We can disable or enable users by toggling Enable/Disable switch. Once Users are disabled, they are not allowed to login.

    1. Disabling

    2. Enabling

Next, we will see Configure Email Settings