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Once admin user successfully logs in, user is rendered with Admin Metrics details.

Yappes admin metrics currently supports the following,

  1. Organization
  2. Users

We will further see each in detail.

Organization Metrics

Select Organization option from the Key Performance Indicator dropdown.

Organization metrics details provides a pictorial chart representation of the following with respect to their count value.

  1. Total Organization
  2. Total Internal Organization
  3. Total External Organization

Further, hovering on each information, a tool tip is diplayed with a total count value.

Users Metrics

Select Users option from the Key Performance Indicator dropdown.

Users metrics details provides a table formated, in-depth user details classified accordingly to thier organization type. For example, Master organization, Internal organization, Extenal organization.

Further, user details are categorized as follows for better readability.

  1. Total Users
  2. Active Users
  3. Inactive Users

Next, we will see how to Manage Organization.