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Portable API Documentation

Yappes Reports allows you to create your API documentation as a PDF file, which user can share over the e-mail or can take a printout of the API features. Users can download the pdf or can view it in the browser. Users can export the documentation of one or more APIs in a single PDF file. The document generated is as per swagger specification 3.0 and this feature is available for all the published API, from the Yappes platform.

Steps to submit the job for documentation of published API:

  1. Click on the Reports tab. The user will get the following screen. generatePDFs

  2. Select the My Reports section from the left panel. Users will see the list of published API available for portable documentation, from Yappes Platform. selectMyReports My Reports tab.

    selectfromDisplay Choose the APIs from the list.

    changeOrganisation You can choose between different organisations.

  3. Select the desired API by clicking the API against each checkbox. selectAPIId

  4. After the user click the Generate PDF shown in red box. User will get a pop-up having the jobId as shown below. noteJobId


Now once the user has successfully submitted the job for documentation in PDF format, the user now has the JobId. User can navigate to Tracker tab for status of job.